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The late Carl Rogers founded the Person-Centred approach.  His thinking was that every human being has the potential for positive growth and change, when certain core conditions are present (acceptance, empathy & congruence) within the therapeutic relationship.  The client is the ‘expert’ on themselves and the therapist uses his/her skills to help the client make sense of and reflect on difficult issues and painful feelings.

I chose to train and continue to practise in the Person-Centred approach because I believe it to be respectful of the client’s autonomy.  And, its therapeutic success is reliant on the dynamic quality and depth of the relationship between client and counsellor.


A confidential space in which to explore difficult issues and painful feelings.

Sessions are 1 hour long and you can have as many or as few as you feel necessary; clients generally start with 6 sessions.


If you decide that counselling might be of benefit for you, I can be contacted by telephone or email see details on the front of this leaflet. 

We can arrange to meet for an initial free consultation (30mins)​

During the meeting we will look at your expectations of counselling and I can answer any questions you may have.

You may feel comfortable at the initial consultation to tell me a bit about what brought you to seek counselling.

The consultation will help you to decide whether counselling is right for you at this time, and indeed whether you feel comfortable working with me on your issues.

We can then either arrange to meet regularly or I can advise you of appropriate alternatives

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